How to Make Him Want You and Not Even Think About Other Women


Want to know how to make him want you and ONLY you? This is what most women hope to achieve when dating someone new. Here’s how to get his attention.

This is what we all aim for when dating someone new. It’s always awkward never knowing where you stand or how they feel. Putting forth your best effort and learning how to make him want you the most is what it’s all about.

Because he could be dating other women. That means you have some competition and if you really like him, you’ll have to put in some work to make him see you and only you. And that’s a very tough thing to do because we all know guys don’t exactly have the best attention span.

The dating game can be extremely competitive

This is especially true if the guy you’re after is a catch. They’re far and few between. Meaning, every woman in her right mind who’s been on a date with him is trying to do exactly what you are. They want him for themselves.

And he might just be basking in the attention. When a guy catches wind that women are into him, he’ll milk that for all its worth. But if you truly care about him and have a feeling he’s feeling the same about you, doubling down on your efforts to make him yours is a wise idea.

How to make him want you and forget the rest

Obviously, you only want to work hard for someone you think you can have a real future with. If he seems like the one, these tips can help you make him yours and yours only.

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#1 Have an interest in his life. I know this seems obvious, but there’s a certain belief in society that says the guy should be into the girl and not really vice versa. We think they should ask us all the questions and then we just kind of shrug off their hobbies like they’re nothing.

Don’t do this. Take an active interest in his life and get him talking about the stuff he loves. When he associates you with such a great conversation and a care for what he likes, he’ll always think highly of you.

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