3 sure Hidden Signs A Man Is Falling in Love With You


Love, un-expressed, always finds a way to the surface.

Most of us date for love. The awkward, clumsy first dates? Those are just an added bonus. The happily ever after? That’s our endgame. As a result, we want to know love’s ETA — if you’re a woman in the dating game, this may leave you looking for signs a man is falling in love with you.

First things first, if you’re searching for signs of a man falling in love, you’re probably coming from a place of anxiety — you know how you feel and now you want to know how he does too. You don’t want to invest your time or your heart if the two of you aren’t on the same page.

So, you look for signs and some of these are indeed obvious — he’s affectionate with you, he maintains eye contact, he spends time with you, and he flat out says it. However, there is also another side of falling in love that isn’t always expressed. Why? Because it tends to be terrifying.

But, know this. An emotion as powerful as love will always find a way to express itself. It will always find a way out. So, if you’re wondering, “does he love me?”, there are ways love begins to show itself in your connection, so pay close attention.

Here are the signs a man is falling in love with you and how to recognize them when they come up:
1. He is in awe of your uniqueness.

This is part of the honeymoon phase, the chemical reactions caused in our mind that allow us to drop judgment and only see the best in our partner. We like everything — their quirks, their flaws, even their snoring sounds like a symphony.

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When a man is falling in love with you, he accepts your flaws unconditionally. Even the things you may be insecure about? Yep, he finds those fascinating. He encourages you to accept yourself and actively tries to merge himself with you.

He may do this by taking up your interests or hobbies, he may look at you a certain way, and he starts to see you in ways that you might never have seen yourself.

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