21 Romantic Things that Turn Guys On Every Single Time: #18 is Certain


Want to know how to get the guys drooling over you without even trying? Read on for the male perspective on turning guys on every time.

It’s one thing to turn a guy on once he’s in the bedroom—after all, guys are pretty easy to please. A quick fumble, a slip, and a shot, and we think we’re the greatest lovers that the world has ever seen! It is, however, an entirely different thing to catch our attention to the same degree at an earlier stage in the evening.

Not that a pretty face will go entirely unappreciated, but turning him into a raging ball of lust through the use of feminine wiles alone takes a whole different skill set. If you’re in the market for a fairly comprehensive list of male turn-ons that you can use to get the man you’re interested in out of your sights and into your bed, then read this list of 20 tips, divided into the five categories of Dress, Body Language, Talk, Touch, and Other. 

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