15 Psychological Tricks to Make a Guy Mad Over You. #13 Is A Shocker


Sometimes, you try really hard to make a guy go crazy over you but are just left ignored. Not anymore! Use these 15 surefire ways to make it happen.

Catching and keeping a guy’s attention is no easy task. With so many distractions in the world today, whether it’s through the media or just other people in general, getting a guy to go crazy over you can be tough! You never know what they’re looking for or what may be interesting to them.

Men are very simple creatures, and although they have many complex qualities, what they find attractive in women is the one similarity that all men seem to share. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about physical appearances, because that differs between each man. I’m talking about the qualities that make him stop in his tracks and think, “Wow. She is an incredible person!”

How to make a guy go crazy over you

This isn’t to say that every single one of these will work on all men, because as I said before, everybody is different. But with these, you’ll not only get their attention, but you’ll get them to keep thinking about you all the time.

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