15 Easy Ways to get over your Ex-lover…#7 and #15 Surely Works



The pain of letting someone you love go is never easy to deal with. Here are the best ways to get through that tough time with grace and poise.

Whenever a breakup isn’t in your favor, you’re going to feel pain and heartache—a lot of it. Sure, some chocolate, a sappy movie, and spending endless days on the couch bundled up in ten blankets may be one way to get through it, but do you really want to spend several weeks like that?

I’m not one for wasting too much time trying to get over someone who didn’t want me anymore. The truth is: yes, it’s hard and it sucks. However, there are a lot of different things you can do to make the process a whole lot easier.

Letting go can be easier than you think!

There once was a time that I spent weeks—even months—trying to let go of this guy who broke my heart. I tried everything in the book, from the classic ice cream and tears, to hitting the town to find me a “replacement.” Unfortunately, neither of those were the best idea.

So I decided to try some different things here and there… and what do you know? Some actually worked wonders. I spent numerous days chatting up other people in my situation and they also had some insightful ways to make getting over him easier.

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