12 Ways to Make a Girl Addicted to You. Dont Ever Miss # 2


Find the best way to make a girl addicted to you emotionally and sexually. You can use these tips in person and over text to get make her crazy for you.


It’s possible that you are able to get a girl to go out with, but do you know how to keep her going out with you? That’s right, we are here to learn how to make a girl addicted to you. In other words how to make a girl do whatever you want. The funny thing is half the internet says that you need to be an alpha male to do this or you need to make girl submit and all that crap.

But the fact is that yes, maybe you can get the girl to do some stuff by being dominant and by being an alpha, but another truth is that it won’t last for long. A girl no matter how dumb or submissive will fight back after a while and leave that stinky ass relationship behind. So if you really want to make a girl addicted to you and not in a bad way, but in a loving, caring and long lasting way then here some tips for you.

12. Show the girl your confidence

If you are trying to make a girl addicted to you then you need to be confident when doing so. A girl can sense when guy is nervous and that doesn’t attract them more over not addictive at all. Confidence is something that can be developed overtime. If you want to be confident then first you need to forget all about nervousness and about being shy. Just go out there and flirt with everybody you can find and you will see your confident growing overtime. You see confidence is something you have to fake it till you make it.

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