10 Things your spouse does which shows they dont really Love You Enough. Dont Miss #2


We all need to be loved, it’s a part of our nature, but what if a man says he loves you, but you have your doubts? Perhaps he is just saying he loves you for a quiet life, or worse, what if he is deceiving you completely. Love is more than just words; it needs to be backed by actions as well, and you can tell if a man really loves you by the way he behaves and by the things that he does for you. If you’ve ever wondered how much your man really loves you, here are ten signs that he probably doesn’t love you enough.

10. He cheats on you

Sometimes, when someone cheats, the say it was a mistake, please forgive me, it will never happen again but, if he really loved you, would he have given in to the temptation? Some couples do get over cheating and they stay together quite happily, but whether they ever really get over the doubt that cheating must have sown in the mind is another question entirely. If you really love someone very deeply, you would never hurt that person by cheating on them.

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