10 Real Signs to Know if Your Spouse is Using You or Not


Find the best way to know if a girl is using you for money, for emotional support, to get attention of ex or to make someone jealous. These tips will clear if she really likes you or she is faking it.

know if a girl is using you

Knowing when a girl is using you is slippery slope. Most people just don’t go there as they could hurt the people they care about. But sometimes when you are falling in love with a girl head over heels and then it turns out she is only using you. That’s the moment you really wish that you would’ve have seen it coming and maybe you did see the sign but chose to ignore it. One way or the other if you want to know if a girl is using you rather than loving you then here is your chance.

First things first, there may be something in your relationship which caused you to think that she may just be using you. You need to recognize what it is. It’s not that easy to recognize but don’t you worry we’ll guide you to do the same. It’s frustrating when you think that this could all turn out to be true and you start to feel guilty a little, but it’s not your fault that you want a healthy relationship.

At times we are just blown away with how charming, flirty and cute she is. But then whenever you meet her and try to clear things up a bit you end up more confused than ever. So if you want to clear things up once and for all and know if a girl is using you or she is genuinely interested in you then here is your chance.

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