10 Shocking Things Women Notice in Every Man (Must Read)


Find the ten first things women notice in a man to which they are attracted. This will also help you understand what women like when they first see a guy.

Women and men notice different things when they meet someone of the opposite sex. Perhaps the “popular knowledge” has given you an idea of the first things a woman notices in a man, but that does not match reality. A guy’s very first impression is very important and it here whether the girl might decide to date you or to friendzone you. Yes, for women the first things she notices about you is what makes her to decide about you. Here is a list of the ten first things women notice in a man and which decides whether she sees you as a boyfriend material or not. Note these things and start working on it to always create a good first impression and attract any girl you want.
1. Your confidence level

The fact that women only look at dumb guys is not true. Look at those badass and you’ll realize they ooze confidence and that’s very attractive to women. Women always say that a desirable male should with good qualities. This means that you should be confident enough to talk to her, but don’t be cocky. Confidence attracts both women and men. This is among the first things women notice in a man which makes her impressed by you. Flirting a bit might also help as it will also make her feel nice about herself. However, while flirting never use dirty lines, instead use sweet compliments.

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