5 Secrets Nobody Tells You About Winning His Heart Forever (#5 is sure)


Here’s what guys are really looking for (but won’t — or can’t tell you)!

When it comes to getting a guy to commit to a relationship, many women can’t seem to crack the code.

As most of us have noticed, there are two types of men: Behind curtain #1 is the type of guy who is absolutely smitten with his girlfriend — he puts her on a pedestal, treats her like a queen, and places her happiness above his own. And behind curtain #2 is the type who’s labeled as a “commitment-phobe” — he doesn’t appear to enjoy being in a relationship, acting as if his commitment is of the involuntary kind.

But while most women think that the second type of guy is in the majority, statistics actually say otherwise.

In fact, a study by found that 95 percent of men openly admit to seeing marriage as one of their ultimate life goals.

So if this is what 95 percent of them seem to want, how can you get a guy to commit and actually fall in love with you?

It all comes down to how a man views commitment. To a guy, it’s like cracking a combination lock; if the numbers don’t line up, he’ll be emotionally distant and unavailable, rather than all in. He might even come up with several one-liner excuses that women undoubtedly find frustrating: “I need to focus on my career,” “I just need space,” or, “I’m just not ready for a relationship right now.”

But these one-liners aren’t lies. He really believes what he’s saying because the “numbers” of his commitment code aren’t lining up.



Wooing a lady especially one you fancy the most is akin to walking through a minefield. One wrong move and it ends catastrophically. Check out for signs she is also attracted to you before putting in motion a plan to win her affection in order to minimize the chances of being rejected. You cannot just walk up to a lady who barely knows you, confess your undying love and expect her to welcome you with both hands wide open. There is a need to adopt a winning tactic before proposing any kind of relationship. The following are the 7 secrets to winning a lady’s heart.

You cannot just walk up to a lady who barely knows you, confess your undying love and expect her to welcome you with both hands wide open. There is a need to adopt a winning tactic before proposing any kind of relationship. The following are the 5 secrets to winning a lady’s heart.

1) Declare your intentions

The most common mistake guys make is by becoming best friends with a lady they really like then later try to turn the relationship into a romantic one. Trying to transform a platonic relationship into a romantic affair is utterly quixotic; it only happens in the movies. Let her know from the start that you think of her as a potential

Let her know from the start that you think of her as a potential partner, not a sister. This means when she begins blabbing and seeking your advice on some other ‘cute dude’ who is eyeing her you immediately interject “Sorry I’m not going discuss other guys with you. Let’s keep this conversation between you and me!”

Even when you are sure she is the one you would wish to spend the rest of your life with never reveal this on the first few days. Proclaiming that you want to marry and have 5 kids with her on the first date will only scare her off especially if she isn’t interested in settling down just yet. Drop subtle hints that you are interested in a possibly long term relationship without much detail.



“I am very impressed with your work young man. At this rate you will go far…here is a token of appreciation”, he then hands over a cheque. The joy is unexplainable. See, the last three weeks have been tough. The client whose project you were working on is an expatriate. Her demands were eccentric and of world-class standards, forcing you to sacrifice sleep and weekends. The knowledge that your efforts finally paid off is great news. You call your best friend, Bob, who also works in the city with the news. He picks up on the second ring.

“Hey bro!”

“Hey man, guess what? The ride I told you about has finally been delivered!”

“Awesome! When do we put it test?”

“Being a Friday, I was actually thinking of going for a road trip, are you free?”

The clock on the wall reads 11:43 am but since you are done with all your work assignments, you ask him to pick you up in an hour. He shows up in a sexy green car with black 18 inch rims and powerful music system, so loud that you could use it to host a concert on KICC grounds. After debating for a while on the destination you agree to head to Eldoret. This decision is based on the premise that the town is unexplored plus most of your old campus buddies stay there.

10 Shocking Things Women Notice in Every Man (Must Read)


Find the ten first things women notice in a man to which they are attracted. This will also help you understand what women like when they first see a guy.

Women and men notice different things when they meet someone of the opposite sex. Perhaps the “popular knowledge” has given you an idea of the first things a woman notices in a man, but that does not match reality. A guy’s very first impression is very important and it here whether the girl might decide to date you or to friendzone you. Yes, for women the first things she notices about you is what makes her to decide about you. Here is a list of the ten first things women notice in a man and which decides whether she sees you as a boyfriend material or not. Note these things and start working on it to always create a good first impression and attract any girl you want.
1. Your confidence level

The fact that women only look at dumb guys is not true. Look at those badass and you’ll realize they ooze confidence and that’s very attractive to women. Women always say that a desirable male should with good qualities. This means that you should be confident enough to talk to her, but don’t be cocky. Confidence attracts both women and men. This is among the first things women notice in a man which makes her impressed by you. Flirting a bit might also help as it will also make her feel nice about herself. However, while flirting never use dirty lines, instead use sweet compliments.

12 Signs of Love Bombing that Could Easily be Confused with Love


Romantic gestures are common at the beginning of a relationship. Proceed with caution—they may be signs of love bombing, a manipulation tactic in disguise.

Maybe you’re not caught up with all the hip lingo. Allow me to describe the signs of love bombing for you. Love bombing is a technique used at the beginning of many relationships to make your partner fall madly in love with you very quickly.

Essentially, someone who love bombs you showers you with gifts and romantic gestures. They make you feel like this person must be your soul mate. Then? Surprise. You’re in love with a monster.

Some say that there is nothing wrong with love bombing because it simply shows your partner that you care about them. It’s the beginning of a new relationship, so naturally they want to “woo” you and make you feel special. But be careful. You might be falling in love with a mask—not the person standing in front of you holding a bouquet of flowers.

Keep the romance alive but watch for signs of love bombing

This is a fine line to walk. It drastically depends on the person you date. My current boyfriend is a very sweet and sensitive guy, and he loves cute little gifts that show my affection.

When we first started dating, I wrote him short love letters on my old typewriter. He still has them. I made him countless things in the past, and he has everything stored in a box under our bed.

Some people don’t and never did appreciate these things from me. I’ve always been a fairly romantic gal, and I’ve written cute notes to my boyfriends in the past. Many of them didn’t seem to understand the gesture at all. Some thought it strange.

So, you see? I think you really need to understand the person you date, because some people adore romantic gestures, while others think you come on too strong.

If you are a romantic person, like myself, seek out fellow romantics to date, or at least people who appreciate romance. Otherwise, your efforts go to waste and be mistaken with love bombing. When really, that was never your true intention.

Identifying the signs of love bombing in your partner

Now that we understand how to avoid love bombing ourselves, it is important to understand how to avoid love bombing in our partners.

Love bombing is terrifying because most of us don’t even know it is happening. If your boyfriend or girlfriend brings you home a box of chocolates or flowers, you might just think “wow what a sweet guy/girl.”

It’s romantic and intended to make you fall in love. What’s wrong with that? If they are being genuine, nothing. But if they manipulate you into falling for them, this is something to steer clear of.

Learning to identify the following signs of love bombing saves you the heartache, my dears.

#1 Buying your love. I once dated a guy that bought me a new gift every day it seemed, which in theory sounds wonderful. It really just became overwhelming. Sometimes a girl just wants to hang out with a guy, without any gifts exchanged, ya know? If it seems like they constantly buy you gifts to impress you, then you might be a victim of love bombing.

Zappacosta sends Chelsea FC warning message to Tottenham Hotspur


Alvaro Morata and Davide Zappacosta Photo: Alvaro Morata / Instagram
Davide Zappacosta has warned Tottenham Hotspur that Chelsea FC are still confident of being able to catch the Lilywhites in the race for a top-four finish.

The Blues were able to close the gap to Spurs down to five points thanks to their victory over Burnley on Thursday night.

Spurs dropped points for the second game running when they were held to a 1-1 draw by Brighton on Tuesday night, allowing Chelsea FC to move closer to the Lilywhites in the table.

Chelsea FC now sit five points behind Spurs with just four games to play, as the race for Champions League qualification hots up.

And summer signing Zappacosta has insisted that he and his Chelsea FC team-mates have not given up hope of catching Spurs before the season is out.

Speaking to Chelsea FC’s website, Zappacosta said: “We still believe and obviously the win against Southampton has helped that.

“We can’t afford to lose any more games between now and the end of the season.

“It’s fundamental that we win if we are to have a chance of reaching our target of qualifying for the Champions League.”

Chelsea FC won the Premier League title last season but have struggled to produce consistent form this time around.

The Blues are currently gearing up for their FA Cup semi-final clash against Southampton at Wembley on Sunday as they look to try and finish the season with a trophy.

It remains to be seen whether Antonio Conte will remain in charge at Stamford Bridge beyond the end of the season.

8 ways to Get Him to Ask You Out: Make Him Think It’s His Idea


If there is a guy you’ve been eyeing, but want to know how to get him to ask you out, it is not as hard as you may think.

Making the first move seems pretty daunting, especially as a woman. That is why it is more subtle and less nerve racking to learn how to get him to ask you out instead.

But how do you find the happy medium between flirting and desperation? And how can you make it clear that you are available without being over the top? Finding a balance when it comes to getting him to ask you out is not always easy. However, it can be easier with a little guidance.

Where do you begin?

If there is a guy that has caught your interest, make it known. There are plenty of subtle ways to get a man’s attention without straight up telling him.

From a simple smile across the room, to grazing his arm while laughing at his joke, all of this should initiate his romantic thought process. If a guy knows you are interested, he is more likely to ask you out. Just like us ladies, guys don’t want to be rejected. So giving him a few subtle signals that you would accept his invitation will go far.

How to get him to ask you out without being obvious

Struggling with subtlety is something we all deal with. From giggling uncontrollably to sweating or blushing, our nerves shine through. But coming off cool and confident is often much more attractive. Shut down the butterflies in your stomach and then head his way.

Whether the guy you want to ask you out is a friend, coworker, or total stranger you first make it clear you are interested while still holding onto a bit of mystery.

If you’re wondering how to get him to ask you out, flirting is your golden ticket here. Even if you don’t think you’re good at it, you are probably better than you think you are.

#1 How to flirt. Flirting begins with simple conversation. Start a chat about your boss, share a funny story, or even show them a hilarious meme you recently came across. Humor is probably the best way to catch his eye. If he knows you can laugh together and have a good time, he will want to spend more time with you.

To ensure this laughing isn’t taken as strictly platonic, be sure to add in subtle hints of attraction. Touch his shoulder or arm during conversation, play with your hair, and be sure to smile a lot *but in a normal way, not a creepy Joker way*.

3 sure Hidden Signs A Man Is Falling in Love With You


Love, un-expressed, always finds a way to the surface.

Most of us date for love. The awkward, clumsy first dates? Those are just an added bonus. The happily ever after? That’s our endgame. As a result, we want to know love’s ETA — if you’re a woman in the dating game, this may leave you looking for signs a man is falling in love with you.

First things first, if you’re searching for signs of a man falling in love, you’re probably coming from a place of anxiety — you know how you feel and now you want to know how he does too. You don’t want to invest your time or your heart if the two of you aren’t on the same page.

So, you look for signs and some of these are indeed obvious — he’s affectionate with you, he maintains eye contact, he spends time with you, and he flat out says it. However, there is also another side of falling in love that isn’t always expressed. Why? Because it tends to be terrifying.

But, know this. An emotion as powerful as love will always find a way to express itself. It will always find a way out. So, if you’re wondering, “does he love me?”, there are ways love begins to show itself in your connection, so pay close attention.

Here are the signs a man is falling in love with you and how to recognize them when they come up:
1. He is in awe of your uniqueness.

This is part of the honeymoon phase, the chemical reactions caused in our mind that allow us to drop judgment and only see the best in our partner. We like everything — their quirks, their flaws, even their snoring sounds like a symphony.

When a man is falling in love with you, he accepts your flaws unconditionally. Even the things you may be insecure about? Yep, he finds those fascinating. He encourages you to accept yourself and actively tries to merge himself with you.

He may do this by taking up your interests or hobbies, he may look at you a certain way, and he starts to see you in ways that you might never have seen yourself.

How to Show a Girl You Care About Her very well


Congratulations with landing on this page. This means you really care for your girlfriend and are wondering how to show her you care. It is fairly simple although most guys struggle with their relationships at first. Follow these simple rules and your girlfriend will always be happy with you.


You might argue that you know everything about communication and are a great speaker. But you have to go the extra mile to make a girl feel special. It is not that hard to help your girlfriend feel loved and supported, follow these simple tips regularly and soon you will see your love life changing for the better:

Learn to listen to your girlfriend with a genuine interest, show her that you care and that you want to know what is going on in her life. Ask questions to get to know more.
Whenever you find a cute romantic video or post that reminds you of your girlfriend send it to her right away. This way you will show her that you’re thinking about her and make her feel very special. Also it is a great conversation starter for any occasion.
Do not hesitate to make a call, any girl wants her man to call first, it is super important. You can make a call just to say hello, calls are a bit more personal than texts. It does not mean you have to spend a lot of time on the phone.

Does Playing Hard to Get Work? 12 Tips to Make It Swing Your Way


You’ve probably heard your mom tell you that you need to play hard to get, but what does that actually mean? Above all that, does playing hard to get work?

We’ve all heard and told each other, “you just need to play hard to get,” but what does that even mean? Does that mean waiting two hours to reply to a text or rejecting them when they ask you out? See everyone loves to give this advice but when you ask them how to do it, it’s radio silence. So, you’re probably wondering right now does playing hard to get work. Actually, yes it does. This isn’t even me making this up, it’s science.

Does playing hard to get work?

Now there have been many studies researching the question, does playing hard to get work, and here’s what they found. Those that were playing hard to get have a higher chance of meeting a long-term partner with a committed relationship.

In addition, they also found playing hard to get resulted in the other person spending more time and money on them. Not bad, right? But all this information means nothing if you don’t actually know how to play hard to get. So, stop wasting your time and learn the steps. Playing hard to get is fun… if you know what you’re doing.

#1 Don’t have sex right away. I know right now casual sex is the norm, but you’re going to have to take a step back and not run into the bedroom with them right away. I know you want to sleep with them. Remember, if you rush into it, they’ll have nothing to look forward to. So, keep the flame going and make them wait.

Get to know each other first and let the sexual tension bubble. If you’ve already had sex with them, don’t make it routine, instead, make it like a treat.